Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Free Printable 2015 DIVA Calendar Bookmarks!

With another new year around the corner ( how did it get so late so soon???), I am posting free printable 2015 DIVA Calendar Bookmarks!  They always come in handy and are easy to place anywhere - in our reading material, journals, handbags, bustiers...etc...

As I have mentioned before, Divas need calendars!  So here you go ladies - enjoy and share with
friends and family.  And, for those who use your refrigerator as a message board, i have made available 4 x 6 DIVA Calendar magnets and handy Measuring Equivalent Chart magnets!  I enjoy having  these items at my finger tips!  Magnets stay in the same place and never run off :) - it's amazing how everything escapes from me lately!  I spend half my day trying to find things - NOT fun!  So, for those of us who could use magnetic calendars and such, I posted these also if you would like to click and purchase!  Again, enjoy the bookmarks and I wish everyone a great 2015!

*ForPersonal Use Only - All
designs are

Click on
Bookmarks and print!

 *After printing and cutting out, you can laminate or use clear contact paper for protecting each of the bookmarks

2015 DIVA Calendar Magnets and Measuring Chart Magnets:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free Diva Recipe Cards and Recipe Pages!  Bon Appetit!

Binders are a perfect solution to keep our recipes in!  Recipe cards and pages stay safe from splatters and spills and you can expand your recipe binder storage with clear plastic insert pages!  I am posting free printable recipe cards and a recipe page design (I personally prefer recipe "pages" as I must write "every" little detail down which requires more space....) and hope you will enjoy!  If you would like matching baking stickers and labels, along with a Diva of a binder, please stop by my Zazzle site and take a peek - several designs to choose from, Dah-lings!

Below are a few of the many binder designs available and stickers for purchase.  You can purchase at

Monday, November 25, 2013

2014 Free Diva Printables!

Wow! What happened to 2013???  Time seems to go by faster
and faster!  Perhaps it is because I am older now and I realize
how precious time is. Time is the one thing we cannot buy and how
I wish we could!  I could accomplish so much more, not have
to rush(!) and I could sleep l-o-n-g-e-r...
And...maybe, maybe(...) I would be able to keep up with the blogging :)

With the new year ahead, I am posting free 2014 DIVA Calendar
Bookmarks and a few tags for gifts, scrapbooking, etc. 
I always enjoy the Calendar Bookmarkers and they make
such fun gifts!  

I also want to mention that Zazzle is now carrying leggings
and scarves! I received my order of leggings last week and I 
love them!  They fit wonderfully and I am pleased with the
pricing.  I have added fun "Diva" wording on the side of the
leggings and other royal titles that may appeal to your inner
fancy or personal justification. 
Below are just a few of my designs and I invite you to stop by
my site ( ) and view more of what
is available!  I promise that you will not be disappointed! 
They are utterly fun! (Personalization also available!)

*These come in a variety of colors...

 2014 Calendar Bookmarks...

*After printing and cutting out, laminate or use clear
contact paper to protect your bookmarks!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If It Doesn't Sparkle, Don't Bother!

I must admit that I am not the best at keeping a blog up to date,
but life seems to get in the way...and many times several days
tend to attack me at once :) 
Since my last post, I have added more cell phone cases to my
"Lady Denise website" - and when I received my personal
order from my site, I added Sparkle!  I had to share a few of
the cases that I added the crystal rhinestones to - so utterly fun! 
I used crystal rhinestones as the sparkle is much better and I
tend to gravitate to Swarovski...LOvE Swarovski gems and
I have always believed that a person's cell phone case tells a lot
about that person.  It is an accessory - part of our
dress d├ęcor!  Cell phones speak volumes in more ways than one! 
With this thought, here are a few sparkled cases sure to
add style and beauty:

I also have available for purchase, Cake Picks,
with several different tiara designs - that you 
could also rhinestone for an extra touch! 
I may post a few of these for you to 
view later!  I will also be adding free printable
"2014 book markers" very soon, so check back
soon, Dah-lings!  And, I invite you to join by my
Facebook (and please "LIKE") for free printables
and updates on sales!  Thank you for following
and stopping by!  -Lady Denise

Monday, January 7, 2013

Keep Calm and Be Fabulous!

I love all the "Keep Calm" quotes!  Perhaps it is because all
the quotes begin with a Tiara atop the quote - so utterly royal and
queenly looking!  Or, perhaps it is because I know how
 important a calm disposition can be!  Keeping calm is not something we see too much of today but it is a quality we personally need in order to truly be able
to "LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE"  :) !
As Scarlett would say, "Tomorrow is another day!" Nothing is really permanent.  Eventually the negative situation or stresser will simply be a distant memory and this realization helps us to carry on!  So many benefits of staying calm, Dahling!  We think better, exceed in health and thus reduce the risk of breaking a nail or thoughtlessly choosing miss matched attire!  So keeping calm goes right alongside being fabulous!  You can't have one without the other! With this thought, I posted a few new Keep Calm products that are for purchase at my website. I am also posting a free monthly sheet calendar to help all you ladies keep up with your royal events and appointments, along with another sheet of Tiara labels!  These can be used as tags for gifts, scrapbooking or for cupcake toppers!  Adding adhesive gems to the Tiaras also makes a nice touch! (Sample photo below!)  Thank you for stopping by, and may 2013 be an utterly fabulous year for you!
 *I also have these designs for other smartphones.  You can locate all cell phone case designs and the other products below at


And for fun....(smile)...I couldn't resist!...I have many other fun cake picks with attitude for purchase!  All can be found at my website!

The free printables are below.  Enjoy, M' Ladies!

 Free Printables Are For Personal Use Only - All Art is Copyrighted
*To Print, click on the free printable, then click mouse on right and either "Save As: or "Copy Image" - then size and print!  Print the Tiara labels on card stock. Then cut out and use as you wish!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

From Crayons to Perfume to....Botox and Fillers

     From Crayons to Perfume to...

             Botox and Fillers

I use to love the song, "To Sir With Love", performed by LuLu...
and I still do.  Fabulous lyrics!  Nearing the close of another year, one does sometimes wonder what the new year will bring and what we leave behind.  As we get older, we begin to realize how precious time is and how fast it flies by.  Hopefully, as the song goes, we have learned right from wrong, and gone from weak to strong.  "That's alot to learn", LuLu sings.  And it "is" a bit of a hard journey, but if we allow it to refine us, we can come out sparkling!  Sparkling- with a few overtones of wrinkles and sagging...
I have to admit, I don't enjoy the wrinkles and sagging, and I have tried all kinds of creams, serums and facials but nothing seems to help!  I used to be one who thought fillers were horrid as so many of the stars have gone from beautiful to utterly frightful!  But..., I am beginning to ease up. Lately, I am noticing that several of my friends are looking quite refreshed and are missing those lip wrinkles I use to once see.  I have come to the conclusion that they are either using fillers or I am seriously going blind, which could very well be possible as I mistake dust balls on my floor for bugs often.  Will I use fillers?  I doubt it.  Am I against it?  Definitely not.  It is the overkill of overfill that keeps me away.  Seeing those fake overblown lips, cheeks and high arched eyebrows make me run.  I'll just keep wearing my sunshades (large sunshades...) and scarf's high up around my neck :) - along with my Tiara, of course!  
      Ending the year, I will post a few freebies...A few more Diva Bookmarks and a Measuring Guide (great to print out on magnetic sheets and keep on your fridge or just put in your recipe books!).  Along with the free printables, I will post a few of my Recipe Binders that you can purchase from my Zazzle Website at  I want to thank all who have joined my blog and I invite all who have not, to sign up and become a member! Thank you, Dah-lings! 

   *For personal use only - 
                                              all art is copyrighted.

 Below are a few of the DIVA Recipe Binders available on my website: 

 *Free printable recipe pages for the binders can be found on older posts!