Monday, January 7, 2013

Keep Calm and Be Fabulous!

I love all the "Keep Calm" quotes!  Perhaps it is because all
the quotes begin with a Tiara atop the quote - so utterly royal and
queenly looking!  Or, perhaps it is because I know how
 important a calm disposition can be!  Keeping calm is not something we see too much of today but it is a quality we personally need in order to truly be able
to "LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE"  :) !
As Scarlett would say, "Tomorrow is another day!" Nothing is really permanent.  Eventually the negative situation or stresser will simply be a distant memory and this realization helps us to carry on!  So many benefits of staying calm, Dahling!  We think better, exceed in health and thus reduce the risk of breaking a nail or thoughtlessly choosing miss matched attire!  So keeping calm goes right alongside being fabulous!  You can't have one without the other! With this thought, I posted a few new Keep Calm products that are for purchase at my website. I am also posting a free monthly sheet calendar to help all you ladies keep up with your royal events and appointments, along with another sheet of Tiara labels!  These can be used as tags for gifts, scrapbooking or for cupcake toppers!  Adding adhesive gems to the Tiaras also makes a nice touch! (Sample photo below!)  Thank you for stopping by, and may 2013 be an utterly fabulous year for you!
 *I also have these designs for other smartphones.  You can locate all cell phone case designs and the other products below at


And for fun....(smile)...I couldn't resist!...I have many other fun cake picks with attitude for purchase!  All can be found at my website!

The free printables are below.  Enjoy, M' Ladies!

 Free Printables Are For Personal Use Only - All Art is Copyrighted
*To Print, click on the free printable, then click mouse on right and either "Save As: or "Copy Image" - then size and print!  Print the Tiara labels on card stock. Then cut out and use as you wish!

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