Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If It Doesn't Sparkle, Don't Bother!

I must admit that I am not the best at keeping a blog up to date,
but life seems to get in the way...and many times several days
tend to attack me at once :) 
Since my last post, I have added more cell phone cases to my
"Lady Denise website" - and when I received my personal
order from my site, I added Sparkle!  I had to share a few of
the cases that I added the crystal rhinestones to - so utterly fun! 
I used crystal rhinestones as the sparkle is much better and I
tend to gravitate to Swarovski...LOvE Swarovski gems and
I have always believed that a person's cell phone case tells a lot
about that person.  It is an accessory - part of our
dress d├ęcor!  Cell phones speak volumes in more ways than one! 
With this thought, here are a few sparkled cases sure to
add style and beauty:

I also have available for purchase, Cake Picks,
with several different tiara designs - that you 
could also rhinestone for an extra touch! 
I may post a few of these for you to 
view later!  I will also be adding free printable
"2014 book markers" very soon, so check back
soon, Dah-lings!  And, I invite you to join by my
Facebook (and please "LIKE") for free printables
and updates on sales!  Thank you for following
and stopping by!  -Lady Denise

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