Wednesday, December 5, 2012

From Crayons to Perfume to....Botox and Fillers

     From Crayons to Perfume to...

             Botox and Fillers

I use to love the song, "To Sir With Love", performed by LuLu...
and I still do.  Fabulous lyrics!  Nearing the close of another year, one does sometimes wonder what the new year will bring and what we leave behind.  As we get older, we begin to realize how precious time is and how fast it flies by.  Hopefully, as the song goes, we have learned right from wrong, and gone from weak to strong.  "That's alot to learn", LuLu sings.  And it "is" a bit of a hard journey, but if we allow it to refine us, we can come out sparkling!  Sparkling- with a few overtones of wrinkles and sagging...
I have to admit, I don't enjoy the wrinkles and sagging, and I have tried all kinds of creams, serums and facials but nothing seems to help!  I used to be one who thought fillers were horrid as so many of the stars have gone from beautiful to utterly frightful!  But..., I am beginning to ease up. Lately, I am noticing that several of my friends are looking quite refreshed and are missing those lip wrinkles I use to once see.  I have come to the conclusion that they are either using fillers or I am seriously going blind, which could very well be possible as I mistake dust balls on my floor for bugs often.  Will I use fillers?  I doubt it.  Am I against it?  Definitely not.  It is the overkill of overfill that keeps me away.  Seeing those fake overblown lips, cheeks and high arched eyebrows make me run.  I'll just keep wearing my sunshades (large sunshades...) and scarf's high up around my neck :) - along with my Tiara, of course!  
      Ending the year, I will post a few freebies...A few more Diva Bookmarks and a Measuring Guide (great to print out on magnetic sheets and keep on your fridge or just put in your recipe books!).  Along with the free printables, I will post a few of my Recipe Binders that you can purchase from my Zazzle Website at  I want to thank all who have joined my blog and I invite all who have not, to sign up and become a member! Thank you, Dah-lings! 

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 Below are a few of the DIVA Recipe Binders available on my website: 

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  1. Hey, Miss Denise! I just saw your blog. WOW! I love the stiletto products! Everything is so DIVAlicious! So many new, sparkly things to look at! Love it! I crown you "Diva Debutante" of the month! ha.