Thursday, November 29, 2012

Free Tiara Labels

Organizing Can Be a Royal Pain - But SoOOoo Worth It In The End!

I like to open a closet and easily locate what I need - whether it be my red or cheetah print stilettos, my sparkling tiara or scarf, dental floss or my fun and trusty leather whip!  I like everything categorized, organized, aligned, color coordinated and labeled!  And, not just with any label, but labels that show a touch of DIVAtude!  It makes our organizing projects just a little more fun...maybe not exciting, but more endurable :)  So in honor of all you royal ladies who get excited when you see, The Container Store, these labels are for you!  Enjoy, Dahlings!
*For more label selections, I invite you to my website,

4x3 Label Template
2.5 Circle Template (You can use as  stickers or print on card stock
and use for a
variety of DIY

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