Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Girl Fun!

I always loved the painting, "Ecstasy", by Maxfield Parrish.  It inspired one of my whimsical Big Girl Fun creations, "Breathe...And Unlock the Goddess Within".  I painted her with acrylics and then added the art to several of the products
that are sold on my website,  I love my Big Girl Fun line!  I am beginning to experience that time in life where it throws us curves (the mid-life spread...), and I'm finding that I am getting a little too big for my britches!  I joined a fitness club, worked out for about two months and paid for the membership for about two years (I wonder how many of us do that?...).  I found it an effort to get to the gym and when I did, I worked up an appetite and a desire for a white chocolate mocha from Star Bucks afterwards.  I, therefore, decided the stairs in my house were efficient enough when it comes to exercise, and I also have a dog that I spend my day letting in and outside as she enjoys eating bugs, chasing leaves, squirrels, barking at the neighbor's kids, joggers (not me, of course...) and every once in a while she will actually take care of business. I think that also counts as working out...
    I am one who tries to find humor in everything...even curves!  Thus - the birth of my Big Girl Fun line! I am posting just a few designs from this line, along with free Big Girl Fun recipe cards. For more product designs and creations, I invite you to visit my website! Meanwhile, breathe...and unlock the goddess within you!

On the left is the work of Maxfield Parrish that inspired my whimsical, "Breath...And Unlock the Goddess Within"

Free  printable recipe cards and pages!  You can find matching recipe notebooks on my website, along with matching labels!
Enjoy ladies! 

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