Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Free Printable 2015 DIVA Calendar Bookmarks!

With another new year around the corner ( how did it get so late so soon???), I am posting free printable 2015 DIVA Calendar Bookmarks!  They always come in handy and are easy to place anywhere - in our reading material, journals, handbags, bustiers...etc...

As I have mentioned before, Divas need calendars!  So here you go ladies - enjoy and share with
friends and family.  And, for those who use your refrigerator as a message board, i have made available 4 x 6 DIVA Calendar magnets and handy Measuring Equivalent Chart magnets!  I enjoy having  these items at my finger tips!  Magnets stay in the same place and never run off :) - it's amazing how everything escapes from me lately!  I spend half my day trying to find things - NOT fun!  So, for those of us who could use magnetic calendars and such, I posted these also if you would like to click and purchase!  Again, enjoy the bookmarks and I wish everyone a great 2015!

*ForPersonal Use Only - All
designs are

Click on
Bookmarks and print!

 *After printing and cutting out, you can laminate or use clear contact paper for protecting each of the bookmarks

2015 DIVA Calendar Magnets and Measuring Chart Magnets:


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