Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Errands, Photo Shoots and Premieres - Oh My!  We Need "TO DO" Lists, Dahlings!!!

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As I have mentioned before, A Diva’s Work is Never Done!  And we do it "all" wearing stilettos and carrying large handbags!  To keep the kingdom running smoothly, a diva needs strategies.  As a general rule, we cannot accomplish several things at one time.  I know this, as I have tried.  Not only did I break a nail trying, but the results were less than average and I almost took the side of my husband’s car off!  True story.  Now I concentrate on one thing at a time, and put all other actions on a “list”.  Yes, I have added lists to my world of labeling.  I have "To Do" Lists, and recently I have found the need for "Grocery" Lists. And they "have" proved to be helpful!  Efficiency means more time for ourselves, Dah-lings, and I like that idea. Now if I can just remember where I parked my car...Hmmmm...I need to add that to the list, too!

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