Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little Princess Paper Dolls, Teapots and Plates - OH MY!

Every little princess enjoys a tea partyA tea party with a princess theme, of course!  With this in mind, I designed a fun teapot and plates for such royal occasions!  And to add to the fun, free Little Princess Paper Dolls can be printed off below - and can be personalized for each princess attending!  Fun Tea Party invitations and envelopes along with the teapot and plates are available on my site at www.zazzle.com/LadyDenise!  I extend many royal "thank you's" to all who have joined my blog!  You are also invited to visit my Facebook for future deals and new products as they come!
Free Paper Dolls below...

*To Print, click on Paper Doll, then click mouse on right and either "Save As: or "Copy Image" -
then size and print!  Sample below of finished cut-out...Hope you enjoy!


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