Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cake Tops with DIVAtude!

I recently started on Pinterest and when I pin, I come across so many fabulous blogs!  So here I am again, hoping and wishing to do better Isn't that a song Yes!  The words are reversed though - "Wishing and Hoping" - by Burt Bacharach and sung by Dionne Warwick... great song!  I'm telling my age, aren't I  :)   Anyways....since my last entry, Zazzle has come out with cake picks and I was thrilled!  I am known to design and make my own cake pieces for parties as I can never find what I want!  I am not one for sprayed (or is "air brushed" the proper term?) cakes or plastic decor that simply must to be tossed when the party is over (and I HATE the plastic Bride and Groom - sorry...but NOT attractive!). As I mentioned, I was thrilled when Zazzle came out with cake picks to design!  How refreshing and DIVAlicious!  I just had to post a few!                                                               


 These are just a few of the cake picks!  Many more cake picks with DIVAtude are available for purchase!  They can be found at .  
And the kneeling gentleman bowing down (Love him!  We all can use an ego boost!), I purchased at Femail Creations.  As I also mentioned, I am now pinning on Pinterest.  I am always the last of my friends to jump aboard when something new comes around.  And, now that I am pinning, I have noticed other sites such as Tumblr and more.  It is all most confusing!  If you aren't a member of Pinterest yet, I encourage you to join!  It is a great outlet and a way to share with others!  And if any of you know the difference between Pinterest, Tumblr and others, leave a comment...I am most curious... :) 

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