Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2012 Diva Calendar! from Zazzle.com

Goodness!  It has been so long since I checked in that I forgot how to post, edit and upload!  This year is flying by and 2012 is already nipping at our stilettos - wild!  With that said, I posted a few "2012 book markers" for all those who like to keep a calendar at their finger tips!  Just copy, paste and print off, Dahlings!  Great to keep in your journals, books and royal bags!  These also make great little gifts for your fans, family and  friends!


If you need a calendar that emanates DIVAtude each month, I invite you to take a look at my new 2012 Wall Calendar by clicking the link below!
2012 Diva Calendar! from Zazzle.com

And I am lovin' my new business cards with a 2012 Calendar on the back!  With so many appointments to keep, premieres and social events, any diva would be sure to appreciate these (and less likely to toss aside!).  Click the following link to view a few designs offered....
"Extensions of DIVAtude" 2012 Calendar BusinessC. from Zazzle.com  

Speaking of busy schedules, I "finally" (yes!) got a Facebook page up for any who would like to stop by and see what I am advertising or highlighting for the day!  Feel free to leave comments - I always appreciate the feed back!  Meanwhile, have a fabulous day and a spectacular 2012!  And if you need a little pampering, you can view my older post below that promotes and encourages DIVA TIME!  An utter "must", Dahling!

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  1. Wonderful as ever!! Been wondering where you were, how you and the diva ladies are doing!!

    I'm tweetin' this!