Friday, March 18, 2011

A Diva's Work Is Never Done!

Below are older photos and posts but I still encourage everyone to scroll down and visit! I gave a Spa Party and it was truly a Diva of a party!  We all truly enjoyed ourselves! Diva Time is an absolute "MUST" in my book! 

  ...Speaking of having busy schedules, it is a must that we buy out the time to R-E-L-A-X, Dahlings!  I like to refer to it as making, "DIVA time!"  Each week I try to take my tiara off, step down from the throne and relax!  I enjoy anything that feels and smells SPAtacular(!) - facials, manicures, pedicures, wonderful massages with all the soothing oils and aromas...O-h-h La La!  Wanting to share this experience along with friends and family, I gave a Spa Party recently.  Each guest was presented with a tiara and one of my very own designed t-shirts at the door and the fun began...I had one area for spa foot bath soaks, one for hand and face scrubs, a table for paraffin dipping and a variety of facial mask potions. I hired a massage therapist to work on each girl for 10-15 minutes.  Pressure point charts were laid out, ladies fashion/beauty/health magazines scattered about, aromatherapy candles, the sound of healing spa music filled the room, along with fabulous food and wine.  Here are just a few of the pictures...
For the foot soaking, I purchased tubs at the Dollar Store and then lined each tub with colorful netting, and topped with marbles and pebbles to roll their feet around on...I had each girl add their own hot water and oils of choice...The room was smelling so utterly wonderful!

 Tiaras were the theme...Of course!

These fun spa t-shirts can be found on my Zazzle website -  -  along with spa themed invitations, postage and stickers!
 Fun colorful soft socks were made available
 to wear after the royal pedicure foot soaks! 
We had a Diva of a good time! I encourage all you ladies to make
Diva time!  It's not a luxury, Dahling - it's a necessity!
I plan to give another spa party before the end of the year as we had such a relaxing, fun and 
memorable time!  If anyone has any favorite beauty potions
or other ideas to add in giving a royal diva spa party, please comment!
I welcome all comments!


  1. I want to thank all who follow my blog! I am new at this and I am still learning! Any feed back appreciated! With many thanks - Lady Denise!

  2. Love it!! This is a great idea!